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Lunan Pharmaceutical Group is an integrated pharmaceutical group setting production, scientific research and sale of traditional Chinese medicines, chemicals, biological products in one, a national innovative enterprise, China Torch Program key high-tech enterprise. The group is composed of seven subsidiary enterprises including Lunan Hope Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong New Time Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lunan New Time Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., etc. It has been awarded the Top 500 Chinese Large Enterprise Group Competitiveness and Top 100 Taxpayers in Shandong Province for consecutive years.  

The group has National Engineering and Technology Research Center of Chirality Pharmaceutical, National Engineering Laboratory of High Level Expression in Mammalian Cells, National Key Laboratory of Generic Manufacture Technology of Chinese Traditional Medicine, National Enterprise Technology Center and other high-level R&D platforms. The group has established technical cooperation relationship with more than 100 universities at home and abroad and scientific research institutes. Enterprise technology center's innovation ability ranks the forefront in the national pharmaceutical industry. It has ascended to Top 100 Chinese Enterprises in Innovation Capacity 2017, and been awarded the one Second Prize of National Technological Invention Award, Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress for seven times and the "Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation - Science and Technology Innovation Prize" in 2018. The enterprise has established quality assurance system conforming to international quality control concepts such as ICH, FDA, EDQM. All the dosage forms and varieties have passed the national new GMP authentication; the enterprise has been awarded "The Best Industrial Enterprise in Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Production Line" for many times, its overall quality management ranks the forefront in the industry. The enterprise is in the leading position in the product quality, the ability of independent innovation and management level, and has won the Sixth Shandong Province Governor Quality Award.

The company always adheres to the business purpose of "Benefit the society, create a better life", adheres to the enterprise spirit of "No fear of difficulties, challenge difficulties, overcome difficulties", and persists in the "Reform-powered, market-centered, science & technology-oriented" development strategy. Under the support of such enterprise culture, the enterprise has become the national large-scale integrated pharmaceutical group, and has been awarded "National May Day Labor Certificates", "National Model Workers Home", "National Mass Sports Advanced Unit", etc. The enterprise commits itself to create international century-old pharmaceutical national brand, to make greater contribution to achieve "Healthy China, Health World". The enterprise, through naming the "Health in Work" in CCTV Finance and "Health" in public channel of Shandong Network Radio-Television Station and other channels and platforms to improve Chinese health literacy, enhance education of health and spread concept of "pro-disease prevention" and "pro-disease treatment" in education of health. In 2017, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group has established the "CCTV Non-profit Partnership in Health" with CCTV.

With the guide of "Innovation leading, service promoting" and the goal of "Keeping the advantage of chemical pharmaceuticals, striving to develop traditional Chinese medicine, making biological pharmacy stronger", the young but global-oriented Lunan Pharmaceutical Group will achieve new, greater leap in revitalization of national medicine and creating an international century brand.


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