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The company's products have been sold to the United States, Japan, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Indonesia, Syria, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other dozens of countries and regions.

In the process of internationalization of the company, we attach great importance to the internationalization of the quality system, and demand ourselves with the standards of ICH and cGMP. At present, the company's cGMP system has gradually integrated with Europe and the United States, and has passed through Colombia, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Official on-site inspections in countries such as South Korea have passed audits of suppliers from dozens of world-renowned customers.

In terms of international registration, the company has obtained 4 European and American preparation approvals, 7 CEP certificates, 28 American DMFs, 3 Japanese MFs, 1 Canadian MF and 3 Korean KDMFs, 2 Brazilian DMFs, 10 Indian DMFs and 50+ other emerging market DMFs. 7 American ANDAs, 1 European MA and 5 Chinese formulation varieties are under review. 

The young but global-oriented Lunan Pharmaceutical Group will achieve new, greater leap in revitalization of national medicine and creating an international century brand.
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