Zhao Lili was awarded "the most beautiful scientific and technological worker in Qilu" in 2021
date:2021-05-31 09:06:00

New Media Department            Yu Jie, Gai Liping              May 31, 2021

On May 28, the 2021 "Qilu's most beautiful scientific and technological workers" release ceremony was sponsored by the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Association for science and technology, the Provincial Department of science and technology, Dazhong newspaper group and Shandong Radio and television station took participatedd in Jinan. Zhao Lili, executive deputy director of National Engineering Laboratory for mammalian cell high expression, won the title of "Qilu most beautiful scientific and technological worker".

Zhao Lili was awarded "the most beautiful scientific and technological worker in Qilu" in 2021(图1)

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