Lunan Pharmaceutical Group and Qingdao University jointly build "party spirit education base"
date:2021-06-02 15:13:36

New Media Department            Yu Jie, Gai Liping             June 2, 2021

On May 31, the unveiling ceremony of "party spirit education base" between Lunan Pharmaceutical Group and Qingdao University was held in Feixian County. Zhang Guimin, party secretary, chairman and general manager of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, and Hu Jinyan, Party Secretary of Qingdao University, attended the unveiling ceremony.

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group and Qingdao University jointly build "party spirit education base"(图1)

Zhang Guimin pointed out that Lunan pharmaceutical is deeply nourished by Yimeng spirit. It always takes the quality of drugs as the basis of survival, and uses craftsman spirit to build product quality. In the process of hard struggle, Lunan pharmaceutical has formed Lunan spirit and unique enterprise culture of "not afraid of difficulties, challenging difficulties and overcoming difficulties". He said that he looked forward to this meeting as an opportunity for both sides to fully exchange needed goods, achieve mutual benefit, comprehensively enhance the fighting fortress role of Party organizations on both sides and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members on both sides, so as to develop and strengthen party building in the process of joint construction, and gather great strength for "high-quality development and win-win cooperation" of Party building on both sides, And then enhance the "good medicine + good medicine" school enterprise cooperation brand benefit, for the National Health escort.

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