Lunan Pharma donated 500,000 yuan to help rural revitalization

Time:2023-03-10 17:14:03     Views:160

New Media Department             Yu Jie, Duan Yuqing             March 10, 2023

Lunan Pharma donated 500,000 yuan to Zhongsungou Village, Shandong province. This fund is used to continue to improve and upgrade infrastructure such as beautification, greening, and lighting, to build the first "Dandelion Small Courtyard" in the region and to promote rural civilization, so that funds can "go down" to villages and benefit farmers.

Subsequently, Lunan Pharma and the medical staff of the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical College (Linyi Geriatric Hospital) carried out free expert consultations service to the local people. 

The young but global-oriented Lunan Pharmaceutical Group will achieve new, greater leap in revitalization of national medicine and creating an international century brand.
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