In the spring of 2023, the expert consensus on the prevention and treatment of adult influenza with

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New Media Department             Yu Jie, Duan Yuqing             March 14, 2023

Recently, influenza has broken out in many places in China. At the same time, the second wave of epidemics among people who have not been infected with the new crown is high, and the number of hospital patients has surged. In order to effectively prevent and treat the current spring influenza and improve the diagnosis and treatment level of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of influenza, the Emergency Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the Professional Committee of Respiratory Diseases, the Pulmonary Disease Branch of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the First Aid of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of the Emergency Branch of the Chinese Academic organizations and institutions such as the Chinese Medicine Group organized national front-line prevention and treatment experts of traditional Chinese medicine to formulate and release the "Expert Consensus on the Prevention and Treatment of Adult Influenza with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Spring of 2023" on the characteristics of influenza incidence, syndrome patterns and treatment principles, and with reference to relevant Chinese and Western medicine guidelines/consensus . Among them, Jingfang Granules (Mixture), Chaiyin Granules, Biyuan Tongqiao Granules, Yinhuang Hanhua Tablets and other anti-epidemic star drugs are recommended for your symptomatic choice.

This disease belongs to the category of "seasonal cold" and "epidemic disease" in traditional Chinese medicine. It is caused by the A(H1N1) subtype of influenza A virus. Its onset is sudden, and the incubation period is generally 1-4 days. The main clinical manifestations are fever, headache, myalgia and general malaise. The body temperature can reach 39~40℃ , may be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as chills, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc., often have sore throat, dry cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, conjunctival congestion, etc.

Clinical manifestations: chills, fever or no fever, no sweat, head and body pain, runny nose, or poor appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pale red tongue, thin and moist fur, floating and tense pulse.

Method for the treatment of: expelling wind and cold, pungent and warm to relieve the exterior.

Recommended Chinese patent medicines: Jingfang Granules (mixture), Jiuwei Qianghuo Pills (granules), Suhuang Zhike Capsules, Zhengchaihuyin Granules, Huoxiangzhengqi Capsules (oral liquid), Biyuan Tongqiao Granules, Sanfeng Tongqiao Dropping Pills, etc.

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