Up to 77%! The price of 19 medicines has been greatly reduced, involving nationally discussed medici

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New Media Department                Yu Jie, Duan Yuqing               March 14, 2023

On March 13, the Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Platform issued a notice on the implementation of drug price linkage. It is reported that a total of 19 drugs have been adjusted in price this time, and the single product has dropped by as much as 77%. Sugammadex sodium injection, fosaprepitant dipeglumine for injection and clinical shortage drugs such as ethacridine lactate injection are included.

Among them, Sugammadex Sodium Injection is currently the only specific and combined aminosteroid muscle relaxant antagonist, which can quickly, thoroughly and reliably reverse muscle relaxation at different depths and improve the prognosis of patients undergoing general anesthesia.

Minet data shows that the global sales of the drug will exceed 1.6 billion US dollars in 2022; the terminal sales of Chinese public medical institutions will exceed 300 million yuan in 2021, and currently only Merck is selling it.

Sugammadex Sodium Injection has 10 companies with production approval documents. Among them, 9 domestic companies including Humanwell Pharmaceutical, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, Yuandong Biology, and Kelun Pharmaceutical have all been approved as generic 4, which is deemed as Reviewed. In addition, 13 enterprises, including Nanjing Chia Tai Tianqing, Shandong New Time Pharmaceutical and Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) are applying for production approval.

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